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The JMPforce COVID Response

JMPforce takes the COVID-19 pandemic seriously. But our COVID response is not just words or a principled stance. Just as we pride ourselves in delivering tangible actions and value to our clients, our COVID response is also more about action (or policies) than just communicated words, which we still see as important too.

Another foundation of JMPforce’s COVID response is that this program is an ongoing initiative, not just a one-time posting of very well-intentioned policies and protocols that lack follow-through or follow-ups.

So first, let’s quickly take care of some of the initial words. To be clear, JMPforce is somewhat less interested in the scientific details and debate and far more concerned about the message we communicate to our peers, clients, friends, and even strangers. Regardless of varying opinions and debates, we believe perception is often reality. So as just the starting baseline, JMPforce generally complies with the maximum agreed upon CDC and local health officials guidelines for mitigation protocols. So, among other things, this includes wearing a mask at all times when outside of your homeย  and anytime you’re around anyone other than people you directly live with, with the occasional exception of when you are directly in the act of eating or drinking. Also, always try to practice social distancing of at least 6ft and wash your hands or sanitize your hands frequently and especially after returning from any trip outside your home or before eating.


One of the first components of the JMPforce COVID response is access and availability of PPE. JMPforce will supply KN95 face masks to JMPforce staff and even any JMPforce engaged freelancer. You can come back and get a replacement KN95 face mask as often as you want, but you can only take one at a time.

Check back often as we will be continuously sharing and expanding details about our COVID response.

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Data-Driven Content Creation + Industry Expert Influencers: JMPforce is an agency filled with social media marketing expert influencer professionals working together as a team. From digital presence to high-impact events, we specialize in Instagram & Facebook, photos and video branded content. We’re only focused on what will drive traffic to your door, not just social media swipes. We call it a measure of engagement quality. It’s not just reach and frequency, at JMPforce, we reach more customers who will “buy”… more of the time.

Real Engagement… De-mystified: A big JMPforce advantage is our impact-based marketing analytics, derived by our principled stance on authentic human engagement. No bots, no follow-unfollow games, no automation schedulers… Just real human interactions.

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